ICYMI: Jadeveon Clowney clowns Michigan RB with monster hit

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney makes amazing tackle in Outback Bowl

Jadeveon Clowney laid down the tackle of life on Michigan running back Vincent Smith during Tuesday’s Outback Bowl. Jadeveon, a sophomore defensive end for the South Carolina Gamecocks, shred the Wolverines play to pieces as he flew through the gap, obliterating Smith and knocking his helmet off while causing the ball to bounce free. Clowney scooped the ball in one hand and celebrated with his teammates while Michigan players stood around stunned.

It all happened SO fast.

Advance the ball to watch the play that had people talking all day Tuesday…

Remember, Clowney is just a SOPHOMORE! The League must be salivating.

His big brother, David Clowney, is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. You might recall David posting his HIV test results on Twitter.

The South Carolina beat Michigan 33-28 after a 56-yard touchdown reception by Demiere Byrd.


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