Romeo Beckham featured in 2013 Burberry campaign

Romeo Beckham for Burberry

Romeo Beckham featured in 2013 Burberry campaign

According to Mashable, the adorable 10-year old son of David and Victoria Beckham, Romeo (their second oldest child), will appear in the 2013 Spring/Summer ad campaign for British luxury brand, Burberry.

Advance the ball and watch Romeo Beckham as he shows us how a classic Burberry trench coat should be worn…

When asked about his sons fashion sense, David shared:

We used to try to dress them up, but now they want to wear their own things,’ Beckham Senior said. ‘Brooklyn will just wear his soccer shirts and T-shirts, but Romeo is the fashion one, so he’ll go for skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and funny hats. One Christmas he asked for a pair of Spats shoes.’ Like father, like son, eh?

Those Beckham checks keep rollin’ in, don’t they?

Whose mad?

Image: © Copyright Burberry/Testino

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