Mike Brown ousted from Lakers gig

Mike Brown

Los Angeles Lakers fire head coach Mike Brown

Raise your hand if you DID NOT see this coming.

The handwriting was on the wall for Coach Mike Brown when Kobe Bryant stared a whole in is head during Wednesday’s loss to the Utah Jazz, and even more so when heir to the throne, Jim Buss, expressed his “confidence” in Brown.

So much for smoke and mirrors.

After a 1-4 start for the Lakers, Mike Brown is currently unemployed, and although he is likely to receive compensation for his troubles, USA Today reports that his son was receiving death threats via that beast we all know as Twitter. With all sincerity, that’s not cool.

But back to the situation at hand… Lakers fans, who of you is shedding tears of joy right now?

I bet Kobe is….

One last thing……somebody get Brian Shaw on the phone….


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