ANIMATED: ‘Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse” VIDEO

Christopher Bosh

Chris Bosh is the subject of the short film “Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse”

The clip below opens with Chris Bosh sitting in an empty locker room in his Miami Heat uniform staring at two fictional books, one titled Living With Not Living Up To Expectations and the other titled Dealing With Inter-dimensional Abandonment. That cracked me UP, because what are the creators trying to say???

From there, the clip takes strange twists and turns (like Bosh being held in the arms of a wolf) that I imagine seeing the entire film would clear up.

See for yourself…

Anyway, I am wondering if Bosh was in on this. I appreciate people who can make fun of themselves.

The short film, “Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse,” was created by Bleeding Palm and will debut at the 2012 Borscht Film Festival in Miami.

A component of the Borscht Film Festival is the BOSH FILM FESTIVAL, please click that link. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


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