HBO Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins recap, Week 2, Chad Johnson gets cut

Chad Johnson Gets Cut

Chad Johnson gets cut on Week 2 of HBO Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins

I am going to do this recap in reverse, because the ending to week two’s episode of Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins was climactic in a major way.

We already knew Chad Johnson gets cut by the Dolphins, but to see the manner in which it happened was a heartbreaking.

Coach Joe Philbin obviously lost no sleep when making his decision to cut Johnson.

Johnson walked into the coaches office as if he were walking before a firing squad, and no sooner than the two sat down to meet, Philbin dropped the hammer.

Chad had a brief moment to plead his case, but it didn’t matter. He was a Dolphin, no more. The look on his face was that of devastation.

It was very clear that Chad Johnson’s simple battery assault charge stemming from his head-butting incident with soon to be ex-wife Evelyn Lozada was the straw for an already broken camel’s back.

His locker was cleaned out QUICKLY by a team staffer.

Moving on, although none of this seems relevant at this point, the beginning of the episode reminds us of the tragedy the Philbin family suferred when 21-year-old son, Michael, died in 2011 (he accidentally drowned in an icy river and toxicology reports indicate alcohol and marijuana were in his system at the time.)

The tight end core was struggling, badly, and it looks like that position will be a weakness for the team this season. Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman had a few choice words for them in an offensive team meeting and there is no question that he tells it like it is. He even talked about cutting folks if he had the choice.

I do find it interesting and somewhat hypocritical, though, that Sherman was cussin’ like a sailor, yet Coach Philbin chided Chad Johnson about it last week as if it were totally unacceptable on Philbin’s watch. Hmph.

For the QB’s, it was much of the same. David Garrard was still atop depth chart, (although towards the end o the episode it is revealed he suffered a freak injury in the pool at his home.)

Barring that, Matt Moore could still supplant Garrard as starter if he works hard. Young Ryan Tannehill had to dance while singing Lean On Me — he didn’t do a bad job and has a little rhythm.

The requisite rookie knicknames (Reggie Bush calls some kid “7-11” because he’s always open) and haircuts were issued with one O Lineman getting his eyebrow shaved AND the shape of a penis carved into his hair. He took it, though, like a good rookie should.

And, obviously, none of these episodes will be complete this season without some T & A. The Dolphins cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” video was shown during team meeting which brought lots of pleasure and laughs to the guys.

I don’t know what next week will be like without Chad, and I really don’t want to find out, but I will be watching and right back here with your recap.


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