Dez Bryant, Jason Kidd and others keeping police blotters busy

dez bryant

When did drinking and driving and rollin’ up on your own momma become the hot thing to do?

Look no further than Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant and New York Knicks guard Jason Kidd.

Both gentleman found themselves on the other side of the mug shot camera within the last few days, as did Seattle Seahawk’s running back, Marshawn Lynch.

Let’s examine this, Dez Bryant physically assaulted his mother in some family violence mess, and Kidd and Lynch were each busted for Driving Under the Influence.

In the DUI cases, common sense was clearly erased by inebriation because the price of a cab or car service is a drop in the bucket compared to the price one might pay for reckless homicide or taking one’s own life while driving impaired.

Jason Kidd, who apparently had a REALLy good time partying in the Hamptons, crashed his vehicle into a utility pole.

Some athletes, amongst those who drink, don’t seem to grasp this. I wonder what J Kidd’s wife had to say?

As for Dez Bryant, he

allegedly hit his mother in the face with his baseball cap … and grabbed her by the shirt so hard that he ripped her bra.

This morning, Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take, had the nerve to downplay Bryant’s mom’s allegations by bringing up the fact that she too, had past trouble with the law. So what? Does that make her ripe for receiving a roughing up from her own child?

It sounds like Dez and his mom could use some family counseling and I wish them the best, but you can’t go around putting your hands on folk, let alone your mother.

DUI charges were recently dropped against Tampa Bay Bucs defensive back, Eric Wright after evidence was not conclusive enough to charge him.

NBA and NFL public relations professionals have been very busy.

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