Lawyers for Kris Humphries subpoena Kimmie’s boyfriend Kanye West

Kris Humphries subpoena

Lawyers for Kris Humphries subpoena Kanye West

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are embroiled in what is becoming a very nasty divorce. So much so that lawyers for Kris Humphries have issued a subpoena for Kanye West to testify in court.

This after Kardashian’s legal team subpoenaed Humphries’ recent ex-girl girlfriend to do the same.

WATCH this vid from Hollyscoop:

Talk about a War of the Roses. Kris Humphries is giving us an awesome gift — a glimpse into the heart and mind of a MAN scorned.

He and Kimmy Community Cakes have both moved on to other relationships, but these wounds are deep and someone is gonna be scarred.

How much longer will these divorce proceedings take anyway?

I’m sick of this shht.


  1. Toby Maxwell

    This is T. Max in Chicago . Can you see me ?

    1. Rob

      I see you!!! 😉

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