Terrell Owens will have a Baby Momma fest on Dr. Phil


Is this what it has come to, Terrell?

You’re gonna sit down with Dr. Phil and the mothers of your children to hash it out your differences?

According to The Urban Daily….

T.O. shed tears when he discussed his personal problems along with being confronted by the women he has children with. Owens’ multiple baby mommas break down their individual relationships with Owens to figure out where things went left in each relationship.

What can be said that hasn’t been said already?

Terrell Owens and these women created these children.

They couldn’t get it together amicably and consistently for the good of the children.

Now, He can’t afford the children.

Now what?

I’ll say this — he might have issues with Mo and Kita and subsequently parted ways with them, but I don’t believe they would have allowed this tv appearance.  Bad move.




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