Maybe Baby? La La’s Full Court Life, season 2 Episode 205 RECAP

Last week La La was running around, juggling a million things while trying to plan Kiyan’s birthday party.

This week, we find her grappling with whether or not to have another baby.

Basically, folks are pressuiring her about extending her family, but she might be too busy. In addition to her duties as a wife and mother, she has her acting career, television hosting gigs, and a fashion business venture or two.

Kiyan wants a sibling, though, and most importantly, there is Mel……

While at a doctors appointment, La La discusses the possibilities of having another child and her physician makes it clear that time is of the essence. Her current method of birth control has run its course and her doctor suggests using condoms as a method of prevention until she and Melo decide what they want to do.

Apparently, La La can’t even think about going to the crib with a box of Trojans because the look on her face was priceless at the mere suggestion.

I digress. Did you see her red Chanel bag? Fire!

And, her Burberry Gabardine Biker Trench Coat was VERY fab.

Always one to talk things through with her most trusted loved ones, La La sought the opinions of Dice, Po, mom Carmen, Kelly, and Christina Milian.

They all had varying opinions, but Ms. Carmen said it best– “its never the right time to have a baby.”

We also learn in this episode that Kelly Rowland has an older brother? They are 10 years apart. Who knew? *shrugs*

Dice and Po were really pushing La to talk to Mel. they knew she was procrastinating, but was she scared?

By the way, Po’s red boots were cute. You can’t go wrong with a good wedge.

When La meets up with Christina for a kids play date for Kiyan and Violet she asks her opinion about having another child.

It turns out they are on same page a far as career and family — their careers are satisfying and growing right now and being the best mom to the children they already have is priority.

Finally La decided it was time to talk to Mel.

As their conversation progressed (I’m not sure Mel was even ready to talk about this), La asked that the cameras be turned off while they discuss their family plans.

I love when La La tells the camera men to take a hike; she did that last season when Kiyan was on the verge of a meltdown.

Ultimately, La and Melo decided that they are comfy and happy with their current situation.


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