Miami Dolphins DB Reshad Jones makes appearance on T.I. and Tiny season finale

Tamika “Tiny” Cottle-Harris decided she would makeover and hook up her bff/hair stylist, Shekinah on a blind date. Enter uber cutie Reshad Jones, a defensive back for the Miami Dolphins. Tiny makes the introduction then bounces.

What ensues is a classic case of what NOT to do when you first meet a potential love interest.

Shekanah proceeds to ask the following questions:

S: How many kids?

R: None of them.

S: No kids? How many women?

R: I be chillin’, for real.

S: What’s your occupation?

R: I play for the Dolphins.

S: So you have no kids, and you have no girl, and you play football…..that’s new. I ain’t never seen that before.

S: How long you been playin’ ball?

R: Three years, out of college. I left college early.

S: How old are you?

R: 23.

S: Oh *expletive*.

R: What that mean?

S: You’re too young. 23? Sad.

I’m from Atlanta, been around, seen a lot, for real.

Then she leaves him to go and talk to Tiny.


Ladies, this is not the way to snag a ball player, let alone ANY man.

That was a classic interrogation.

Check the video to catch the full effect:

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