Kobe Bryant Emerges As NBA Lockout “Drop-Dead” Date Nears

Kobe Bryant is lobbying for the NBA owners and the players union to meet Tuesday in order to reach an agreement to end the lockout.

He said:

We need to iron out the last system items and save this from spiraling into a nuclear winter.

Is his effort too little too late?

Perhaps, but considering the confidence Bryant has in union president Derek Fisher on the court, I’m sure he has been in support of Fisher off the court, during labor negotiations.

Who knows? Maybe it was a call from Fish that was the impetus for Bryant’s push. Or, maybe because Michael Jordan is suddenly at the forefront of the owners battle, Kobe felt compelled to stand up for his guys (we all know he has this competitive thing about MJ).

Either way, a failure for the two sides to come together to end the lockout by Wednesday will surely spell a David Stern announcement of more game cancellations. It will also deal another blow to NBA fans who are growing weary of rich and wealthy sports figures inability to solve their business and financial issues.

If an agreement is not reached, I believe we can add more credence to Paul Pierce’s quiet push for players union decertification, and thoughts of a 2011-12 NBA season that never was.


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