Gisele Bundchen Speaks Fondly of Husband Tom Brady in British Vogue

Famed fashion photographer Mario Testino is responsible for the iconic image above which will be the cover of December’s British Vogue, but more glaring in the eyes of Ballertainment are the loving words supermodel Gisele Bundchen spoke about hubby and NFL QB Tom Brady….

Oh, Tom. He’s such a gentle giant. I’m so proud of him. When I go to watch him play, I’m like this big cheerleader, jumping up and down for him. I was born such a passionate person. I don’t know if that’s my blessing or my curse!

I wonder just how fabulous Giselle is when she arrives to Foxboro to cheer on the New England Patriots. Does she turn it up, or keep it cool and casual with a pair of Uggs (Brady is a brand ambassador), a pair of J Brands and a sexy sweater/top? My guess would be the latter.

Unfortunately, wives at football games don’t have “courtside” type seats so we don’t get the fashion show we enjoy so much at a basketball game. Occasionally, we get a glimpse of an owner’s wife or the star QB’s wife sitting in a skybox, but that’s it.

By the way, the styling for the cover shot is amazing. I love those pants.


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