REPLAY: La La’s Full Court Life, Season 1, Episode 4, The Aftermath

At the beginning of episode 4, “The Aftermath,” it seems that La La is super salty that Carmelo left her in New York to handle all post-trade stresses and responsibilities. La La is a team player, though, and I think she was just exhausted.

Throughout the episode, you can see that from an energy perspective, she is barely hanging on.

Add to that the demands from family, the attention from the fans and paps in the streets, and her mommy duties, and homegirl looks like she wants to split wigs.

That’s what makes her friendships with Dice and Po so important —

— they have always been down for her and they always will.

Dice and Po flew to New York at a moments notice to lend support to La La and upon their arrival, she seemed to breath a sigh of relief.

When Po suggested they go for a drink, so they all went down to the lobby bar (there was a cute Parisian bartender; cute bartenders ALWAYS make it right) for some relaxation and libation, and they let LOOSE.

So much so, that La La hopped up on the bar and did the Pee Wee Herman.

(sorry fellas, she didn’t drop the donk like you would have hoped).

After all of that it was back to reality and the visitors began to come to the hotel.

First up was Wiz, La La’s childhood friend.

Wiz, showed up all bubbly and sunshine and La La (again, i’m gonna blame it on fatigue) didn’t seem overly excited to see her, but they sat and talked anyway. La explained the level of stress of the move and all the ticket requests, etc. Wiz said she didn’t want tickets, but wanted to be hooked up instead. Wiz is no fool. She knows Melo has cute friends.

Next came the family. They piled into La La’s hotel suite, bringing pizza to watch Melo’s first game as a New York Knick.

This is how well that went over….

All that yappin’ going on in her ear about tickets and such? La was OVER it and Wiz got a good taste of just what she was talking about. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

The next day, Po and Dice decided that they wanted to do something special for La La, but they’re pockets were empty so they decided to hustle some folks on the street with a card game.


So, as you can imagine, that didn’t work. So they had to get creative and decided to take La La back to the old neighborhood to lend some perspective on where she came from and where she is now.

They bundled up, and took Kiyan on his first ferry ride to Edgewater, NJ where they went to the apartment La La lived in during her days on MTV’s TRL show.

They reminisced and in doing so it was revealed that Carmelo’s code name back then was “Melanie.” Mel and La La had a real courtship. I love code names. I once dated a guy that my girl and I referred to as “Granny.” Ummmmm, yeah! Moving on…

Later that night, the ladies went out to the club where they were joined by Wiz. Nothing spectacular there — La La was approached by fans, the ladies all danced and the night ended with a toast…

I must say the highlight of the episode for me was young Kiyan. When asked if he wanted to continue filming, he flat out said, “No, I’m done.” I love it. Little man was over the production crew and cameras and didn’t hesitate to say so.

Next week, La La has to deal with the perception that the other Knicks wives aren’t feeling her. Sounds a little basketball wife-ish to me. Can’t wait to see how she handles that. Of course, I will get at you with the recap, so hang on.

La La’s Full Court Life airs Monday’s on VH1, 9PM ET.

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