Cam Newton Shines Brightly, Sets Record In Carolina Panthers Debut

In a single word, Cam Newton was impressive.

The NFL’s overall number one pick made his rookie debut under center for the Carolina Panthers, Sunday, and he did not disappoint. He surprised. He exceeded expectation.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, Newton finished the game 24-37, with 422 yards, two touchdowns both thrown to WR Steve Smith, and one rushing touchdown that resulted in a celebration penalty after he did some motions that he’d probably been dreaming of doing in an NFL end zone all his life. He was also intercepted twice by linebacker Darryl Washington but after a roughing the passer call the first one was negated.

With this performance, Newton tied Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford for the most yards thrown in an NFL debut by a rookie.

However, the Panthers lost the game 21-28.

Visibly displeased with the outcome, Newton can hold his head high, as critics and naysayers were silenced after he delivered a solid performance, showing poise and confidence with nearly every snap.

Its clear that Newton is about the business of winning and he seems to have the attention and respect of his coaches and teammates. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I cannot wait to see his next game.

You can watch Coach Ron Rivera and Cam Newton’s post game presser HERE.

The Panthers play at home Sunday against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

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