Search Warrant Issued For Home of Zach Randolph Following Drug Related Assault of Unidentified Man

Details are all but scarce regarding a reported Saturday morning assault at the West Linn, Oregon home of Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph, prompting a search warrant to be issued by local authorities.

Randolph has no connection to the incident, but….

…he was reportedly home at the time of the assault. An unidentified man was given a beat down with a pool cue by several people who were present and drugs are said to be involved. The victim later sought medical attention.

I could speculate on the type of scene that was taking place at Randolph’s home when all of this went down, but for the sake of the law and the sanctity of a pro athletes lifestyle, I will fall back.

Let’s just say, at a certain point in your journey (specifically when you have a pro sports career) you can’t allow your residence to become the hangout spot for your unsavory homies. You have to run a tighter ship. That is all.

Zach is an exceptional talent, and he has certainly experienced some rough patches along the way in his career, but he seems to have found peace and balance since becoming a Grizzly. Hopefully, this situation won’t add a new notch to his bad boy belt.

More details to come, I’m sure.

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