REPLAY: La La’s Full Court Life, Season 1, Episode 1

La La Anthony

The premiere episode of La La’s Full Court Life began in Denver, Colorado with the Anthony family (Carmelo, La La, and son Kiyan) facing uncertainty about which team Carmelo would be traded to.

Their Denver crib was amazing….

Knowing that she only had a short time left to spend in Denver (and clearly, she didn’t mind) La La Anthony invited her brother, Diego Cash, and besties Kelly Rowland and Po out for a visit. The ladies arrived separately but what was most apparent is that they each love little Kiyan tremendously and he was so happy to see them.

The evenings outings included a trip to the Denver Nuggets game to cheer on Carmelo. During the game, Kelly noticed Melo’s team mate, Arron Afflalo, and inquired about him. No shade there, because the man is fine.

Post-game, everyone gathered for a customary outing including Arron and other Nuggets players J.R. Smith, Al Harrington, and Gary Forbes at a spot called 8 Rivers. At dinner it was decided that the entire group would go bowling the next night.

The morning after the game, Kelly cooked breakfast for everyone. Kelly was real comfy in the kitchen and it must be said that she was rockin’ that short hair.

Kelly Rowland

Carmelo was tearing down those pancakes.

La La Anthony and Diego Cash

La La and her brother, Diego look on as Kelly cooks.

Later that night at the bowling alley, teams consisted of Melo and his team mates, then La La, the ladies, and her brother and her matchmaking efforts continued as she and Melo worked to hook Kelly and Arron up.

Aaron and Kelly would make a cute couple, but there was no love connection.

In the end, the fellas had the best scores and the bet was that the losing team had to select someone to run naked down the street (mind you it was winter). Poor Po had to streak down the street in front of Lucky Strike in her skivvies dodging snowballs.

I think she got stiff armed, though, but I’m sure none of the guys felt bad for her. Po is a cute girl in her own quirky way. She was a good sport about the situation.


La La’s Full Court Life airs Mondays on VH1, 9/8 Central.

Come back next week for my weekly reap.

Note: At the time filming began, Carmelo Anthony was a member of the Denver Nuggets but now plays for the New York Knicks.

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