Antonio Gates, Paul Rudd Cover Hollywood Reporter Fantasy Football Issue

antonio gates

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is joined by actor Paul Rudd on the cover of the latest Hollywood Reporter.

“The Smile,” as I call him, answered questions about the soaring popularity of fantasy football, his health after last seasons toe injury, and who he would have on his fantasy team if he played….

    THR: You’re nationally famous now because of fantasy, right?

    Gates: Yeah. They might not recognize the face, but they definitely know the name, just because fantasy football is so popular now. People are more exposed to NFL players’ names.

    THR: So, how are you feeling this year? Are you still sore? Should fantasy players worry about drafting you too early?

    Gates: I’m just taking it easy, man. I’m going into my ninth season and just doing everything I can to be 100 percent for the season opener. I’ll be fine. It’s more just about resting.

    THR: I know you don’t play, but if you did, who would you draft first?
    Gates: It’s gotta be a quarterback. Philip Rivers is the guy I would draft.

Another point Gates made in the article was that defensive players could gain more recognition from being included fantasy football play. As an avid player myself, I lament the fact that most leagues don’t allow for drafting of defensive players or usage of their stats. Defense wins games, doesn’t it? So why not add that element into the fantasy fold?

Antonio Gates, a fantasy football draft day favorite, is in his 9th season in the NFL. This offseason, he wed Sasha Dindayal in a gorgeous ceremony at the Grand Del Mar luxury resort in San Diego.


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