TWEETS ARE WATCHING: NBA Players Speak on the Lockout

As of 12:01 AM, July 1st, the NBA Lockout began and Twitter was set afire.  Amongst those tweets were reactions from some of the league’s players.  Take a look….

Lockout huh? Looks like I'ma go back 2 school this summer and finish up some credits so I can stay on pace 2 graduate SOON!
Isaiah Thomas

Finishin up dinner wit my true homie @...cant talk to him during the lockout, this is gonna be CRAZY!!! One of my closest friends...
Chris Paul
To the fans: each of our players thanks u for your continued support & loyalty.
Does Ron Artest need a back up singer?
Aaron Brooks
Dear @, I hate public breakups. I'm sorry. Call me. Its never too late. Xoxo.
Shane Battier
Officially on #workstopage in a few hours! Not happy about that!
Luc Mbah a Moute
Maaaaan I just got locked out my house too. Not a good night!!! What else could go wrong?
Charlie Villanueva
Love the new and improved layout of NBA.COM
Andrew Bogut
Ain't no lockout on 2k11 tho. We online. Who want it?!
Derrick Williams
I can be the bat boy for the mariners. Do they travel? do they have medical? Or I can donate plasma
Aaron Brooks
Stand for something or fall for anything......
Caron Butler

Dig in fellas, this may take a while.







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