THE IRONY: Jenn Sterger Relegated To Ragging On Other Women For Being Sports Sex Objects

Jenn Sterger rose to unsolicited fame when Brett Favre sent photos of his “manpower” to her cell phone, in an attempt to make her his jumpoff. That controversy brought Favre’s career to a head (pun intended) and ultimately put a lid on Jenn’s career as a game day reporter for the New York Jets.

Fast forward some months and Sterger parlayed her 15 minutes into a few short-lived opportunities on Versus and Fuel TV. Now, the men’s entertainment site, Brobible, has tapped Sterger to host their Hottie Index, a weekly video series.

Advance the ball to check out the most recent installment of the Hottie Index, titled ESPN Beauties and Royal Girlfriends….

How ironic? The concept of the oppressed becoming the oppressor is glaring because Jenn Sterger fought against being objectified behind the whole Favre debacle, yet here she is collecting a check for doing that very same thing to other women.

I understand the parody and entertainment factor of the vid, but its corny, lame and not funny.

Try again, Jenn. You’re acting like you forgot you’ve been a passenger on the T & A train too.

You can visit Brobible HERE.

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