Kobe Bryant Bets Jermaine Dupri For Hit Record Or Lakers Season Tickets

kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant and Jermaine Dupri make a sports bet

Once upon a time, Kobe Bryant had a hit song on the Billboard charts all because….

He and super music producer Jermaine Dupri waged a bet during a break at Kobe Basketball Academy over a game of one-on-one (only JD didn’t play, a young cat named Cory did). Cory and Kobe hit the court for Jermaine to win set of season tickets to the Lakers games or for Kobe to get a hit record produced.

Check it out…..

Guess its time to get in the studio….

Kobe makes things look so easy. Oh, and Cory was a holding, grabbing, and fouling fool. Bless his heart.