Shaq Charms Our Pants Off In His Farewell Presser

There has never been a retirement like this before. Considering the uniqueness of Shaquille O’Neal, there never will be.

In his Windemere, FL home, surrounded by loved ones, colleagues, and media figures alike, Shaq bid basketball his final farewell.

For 19 years, Shaq showed the world how it should be done. During his time in the league, no one was imposing, more candid, or more entertaining than he.

What struck me most about Shaq during the press conference is the contrast in his personality. For all the fun and laughter he displays and shares, he is quite serious about life and what his contributions are and will be.

Presser video after you advance the ball….

Notable Shaq quotes from the press conference:

I’m going to miss a lot about the game. I’m going to miss the competition, the camaraderie, the friendship, the fans, joking with the media, and I’m really going to miss the free throws.

I’ve acted in award winning movies, such as Kazam.

I’d would like to thank the coaches who have contributed to my growth and development as a player and person, especially Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers.

The ultimate goal is to have my six children look at me like I look at my mother and father.

I only have one regret and that was not knockin’ yo ass out for all the bad stuff you used to say about me. – in reference to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith

If you’re not a critic that walked in my shoes or have done more than me, I don’t really respect you. – in
reference to ESPN’s Skipp Bayless.

Little kids out there, whatever your parents tell you to do, I think you should do it because dreams come true.

I pushed Kobe’s buttons and Kobe pushed ny buttons and we were able to win 3 out of four…..it was all about the task.

I’ve always been a consummate professional and I will continue to do so.

Business-wise let’s take care of the big fella first. – response when asked about having a statue at Staples Center, referring to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

It was a great press conference. Shaq was nervous, but eloquent and impeccable. He was a gracious host in opening up his home to the press and the world, and his on court presence will be missed, but certainly he will continue to bless us during the next chapters of his life.

By the way, those next chapter will include a PhD, an on camera job, and who knows, one day Shaquille could be Commissioner of the NBA. With his business acumen and charm, whatever it is, it will be huge.

Best wishes big fella, or should I say, The Big AARP? (smiles)

You can follow Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter @SHAQ.

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