Sexuality of Chris Bosh Questioned in Shameful Song Created by Chicago Radio Station

Is Chris Bosh gay?

That is the question posed by a local Chicago radio show, Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot. Sculfield and his morning crew, who are broadcast on WGCI, created a song/video with the same title as the aforementioned question.

The only problem is, who cares?

While I do NOT believe Chris Bosh to be homosexual, I find it quite ignorant on the part of radio personalities, bloggers, fans, etc., who continuously question whether or not he is.

Furthermore, I think Bosh, who is talented and productive in his job, receives undue criticism and scrutiny for being “soft.”  The photoshop, the jokes and innuendo, and now this?  Where does it end?  Seems to me he’s just a gentle giant.  I’m sure he would bust your chops if tested.

The most disturbing aspect of this song/video is that it perpetuates homophobia.  There are gay athletes actively playing in every sport and as long as silly, disrespectful, and hateful material such as this continues to be created, we may never witness the important and historical event of one  “coming out” while still playing.

Sculfield and company should be ashamed.

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  1. Rob

    Thank you, Mr. Littal!

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