Dallas Mavericks Beat the Heat for 2011 NBA Championship

Sunday, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat, 105-95, to claim their first NBA championship in franchise history.

This was a true example of team work and doing what needs to be done to reach a common goal.

Through Dirk Nowitzki‘s finesse, Jason Terry’s resolve, Jason Kidd’s wisdom, Tyson Chandler‘s grit, Shawn Marion’s fire, DeShawn Stevenson’s toughness, J.J. Barea’s heart, Brian Cardinal‘s blue-collar work ethic, Brendan Haywood’s willingness to play through pain, and yes, even Mark Cuban‘s silence, the team strategically went about the business of bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy back home to Dallas.

Listen to a montage of the Mavs road to NBA Finals glory….
Mavs Finals Montage by Ben.Rogers

Photo via Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News

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