The NFL Draft In NYC Starts With Cam Newton At No. 1

Day one of the 2011 NFL Draft is done and Cam Newton waited the least amount of time to hear his name called!

For the young men who accepted an invitation from the League to attend the draft, it was a dream come true. This was the day that they’ve hoped for, a day to shine, a day to share with loved ones (especially momma), and a day to begin a new life.

National Champion and Heisman winner Cam Newton arrived, quite stunningly, to Radio City Music Hall in his custom Astor and Black suit. Newton was selected number one overall by the Carolina Panthers.
Cam Newton
I wonder if Cam is aware of his Cougar following.

Third pick Marcell Dareus will play defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills, and from the looks of his taste in jewelry, the end of the lockout is welcome news for him in more ways than one.

Highly touted defensive back Patrick Peterson was drafted fifth by the Arizona Cardinals. He and Commissioner Roger Goodell shared a hug.

Roger Goodell was doling out hugs like he was the happiest man alive. I don’t remember former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue being this warm and fuzzy. Goodell is probably secretly relieved that the lockout is nearing a complete end. Or is it?

QB Blaine Gabbert was all smiles after the Jacksonville Jaguars selected him with the tenth pick, which they acquired from the Redskins.

Mike Pouncey and his twin brother Maurkice celebrated together after Mike was drafted 15th by the Miami Dolphins.  Maurkice Pouncey is a Pro Bowl center for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There were some very emotional moments during this draft. No. 2 pick Von Miller broke down after being selected by the Denver Broncos. And, former Heisman Trophy winner and now, New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram shed tears after ESPN’S Suzy Kolber read a message from his father who is currently incarcerated.

Day two of the NFL Draft resumes Friday, 6 PM ET.

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