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Shaq Announces Retirement Via Twitter and Video

  Its OVAH. Shaquille O’Neal is retiring after playing 19 years in the NBA. Wednesday afternoon via Twitter, Shaq let the world know that he was leaving the game for good…..             Peep the video HERE .  

Shaq and Hoopz Are Acrobats – Who Knew?

Looks like all sorts of down home fun was had for Shaquille O’Neal, his lady love Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Twitpics of the two performing amazing feats of athleticism follow. LOL!

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Love and Reality: Shaquille O’Neal Edition

When will society’s thirst for reality t.v. disappear? With the onslaught of sports figures and, ahem, figurines filling up our flat screens with their drama and fab lifetyles, we can expect to see more wives, girlfriends, “baby mommas” and the men who love/hate them. Face it, folks, this formula is WINNING. This time, it’s Shaq’s …

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