Robert Swift holding his foreclosed home hostage from new owner

Robert Swift

Robert Swift refuses to leave foreclosed, sold home

Remember Robert Swift?

He played center for the Seattle SuperSonics (now the OKC Thunder) after being selected as their first pick in the 2004 NBA draft.

Well, the former big man has slyly given the middle finger to his competition. The only problem is, he’s the one losing.

Swift’s Seattle, Washington home was foreclosed in 2012 and a new owner picked it up in January for almost half the price Swift paid.

Since that time, Swift has refused to leave the property.

Watch the story as reported by local Seattle news station, KOMO

Swift seems to have fallen on hard times — emotionally and financially. Whatever the case, I hope this gets resolved in an amicable way for both parties. When the Sheriff’s come knockin’ at the door, it might not be pretty.

Robert Swift last played professionally in Japan for the Tokyo Apache.

I’ll be keeping an eye open for future developments….



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  1. onefuncapt@gmail.com

    Maybe is he didn’t spend so much on tattoos he could afford the house…Seriously he made $20Million during his career and loses a $1.3 million home? His neighbors must be proud

    1. TheLadyGM

      There is likely more to this than we know, but yes, I imagine his neighbors are at their wits end having to look at that squalor on a daily basis. Swift needs an intervention. This would likely make for a good Hoarders episode because I can only imagine what it looks like on the inside.

  2. Say Something Kita

    Why am I just now discovering this blog and I use to play basketball. Congrats on your award for breakout women bloggers of 2013. I am a new fan

    1. TheLadyGM

      Thank you, Ms. Kita! Welcome!

      R.S. Young/The Lady GM
      Blog Mistress, Ballertainment.com
      Twitter: @Ballertainment

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