Junior Seau dies in apparent suicide

Junior Seau dead at 43

After early reports of a shooting at his Oceanside, CA residence, it has been confirmed that Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau has died.

According to TMZ:

Cops are currently at Seau’s home — located in San Diego County — and were seen talking with a man who was inside the house and appeared distraught.

We’re told Seau sent text messages to his ex-wife and 3 kids yesterday saying, “Love you.” We’re told they all responded and didn’t suspect anything was wrong. We’re told he last saw his kids 3 weeks ago.

Sources close to Seau tell us family members didn’t notice any signs of depression in recent weeks.

Authorities believe Seau took his own life.

If this is the case, and pending results of an autopsy, this tragic incident could lend weight to the argument that some former NFL players suffer lingering emotional and mental effects of their playing days.

Seau played 20 years in the NFL, most notably as a star for the San Diego Chargers. He ended his career as a New England Patriot.


  1. ken

    Wow!!! what a loss Junior was a great player and seemed to be grounded, that head injury issue for NFL players needs much consideration… Junior will be missed and “CHRIST’S” peace to his family.         

    1. Rob

      The NFL is at a crossroad. I hope they step to the plate and seriously address the issues that some former players are experiencing. While we don’t know yet what exactly led Junior to take his own life, I wish peace to his family also. I will be watching this story closely. Thanks for commenting, Kenyon.

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