Get well soon, Pooh

Saturday morning, I began my day with spry energy.  I went out to grab some breakfast items to prepare in time for the game and took a moment to catch up with Stiletto Jill by phone.  We ended our conversation just in time for tipoff of the Bulls vs. Sixers game, and I excitedly settled into a trance to watch and support my home team and the young man who holds the Windy City’s collective heart — Derrick Rose.

It was a great game.  Until 1:22 was left in the 4th, it was a GREAT game.

That’s all I can say because the details are now cloudy.

Rose went down with an injury that clearly affected his knee, but the time in between him being assisted off the court until the official announcement that he’d torn his ACL left us feeling queasy.  Yes, that is the best description I can muster — queasy.

Those of us who love sports and the athletes who play, are so attached, so fanatical, and so involved.

Every Chicago Bulls fan that I have spoken to back home and some on Twitter are experiencing a feeling of sadness. Not so much for the Bulls’ playoff hopes, because we have a capable and solid team, but sadness for Derrick because someone so soft spoken and seemingly genteel, yet incredibly determined and gifted should not suffer such cruel fate.

Only time will tell what the future holds for his career.  In my mind, he will come back stronger, more agile, wiser, and ready to continue to fulfill his destiny — to inspire and win.

I gathered a few videos that give clear indication why Derrick Rose must and will fight hard to return to the game he loves…

The City of Chicago…

His older brothers…

…and best of all, his mother…

See you when you get back, baby boy.

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