Cleveland Cavaliers win first pick in draft lottery, again

Cleveland Cavaliers

Dan Gilbert’s Cleveland Cavaliers have landed the first pick in the NBA Draft for the second time in three years.

In 2011, they drafted guard Kyrie Irving, a much needed cornerstone piece, after losing the league’s best player, LeBron James to free agency and eventual NBA Championship glory the previous year.

What of sheer luck in the Cavs receiving the No. 1 pick, again? What of the “Cavs red” bow ties Gilbert and his son Nick wore? What of NBA puppeteering?

Either way, Cleveland will get another piece to its rebuilding puzzle. Will it be the torn ACL-recovering Nerlens Noel? Power forward Anthony Bennett? Or, will they trade the pick?

The 2013 NBA Draft is June 27th. Leading up to that date, we will hear all sorts of rumors and scenarios as to how this draft will shake out, but one things for sure — its not star-studded, so like this years unpredictable NFL Draft, anything is possible.

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  1. don

    It could’ve been a turning point in the Cavs organization if this year’s NBA Draft held some franchise talent (Rose, Durant, LeBron, Melo, Irving, etc). . Seeing as how that isn’t the case (in my humble opinion) I believe Cleveland would be best served trading the pick and possibly receiving even more out of the deal. There doesn’t appear to be that big of a drop-off in the level of talent between picks 1-10.

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