Byron Scott fired in Cleveland, Doug Collins leaves Philly

Byron Scott

Byron Scott sent packing by Cleveland Cavaliers

Coach Byron Scott has been fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Three losing seasons and poor defensive output saw to that.

Of his firing, Scott said…

I want to thank (general manager) Chris Grant, (owner) Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers organization for the opportunity I had to coach this team the last three seasons,” Scott said in a news release. “(My wife) Anita and I have enjoyed our time here in Cleveland and greatly appreciate the support we received from this special community and the many friendships we developed.

“I am certainly proud of the progress that many of our players have made and greatly appreciate the dedication of my coaches and our team in our efforts to attain the success we all desired.

The youngsters, led by star guard Kyrie Irving, spoke up for their coach, but it was too late.

The Cavs record under Scott was 416-521. A winning percentage of 0.278.

Who will Dan Gilbert hire next?

Well, Doug Collins is available (sort of).

Doug resigned as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers Thursday morning, but will remain with the team as an advisor.

It seems that the stresses of coaching have caught up to Collins (again) and he is opting to take it easy (for now).


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