Aaron Rodgers signs $110M extension with Packers

aaron rodgers

Aaron Rodgers receives lucrative extension

Aaron Rodgers is now the highest paid player in the game of pro football.

The Green Bay Packers signed Rodgers to a five-year, $110 million contract extension, topping the recent six-year deal received by Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens.

Rodgers’ career stats include 78 games started, 171 touchdowns and a 65.7 completion percentage.

He took to Twitter to express his gratitude…

Also, in a show of class and QB solidarity, Rodgers reached out to draft prospect Geno Smith, Thursday night, after noticing comparisons between himself and Smith on Twitter, during the draft. Smith, who was invited by the NFL to sit in the green room, sat through the entire first round without hearing his name called.

Those were the exact words Tagliabue spoke to Aaron in 2005 once he finally reached the podium to shake the commissioner’s hand, after falling to the 24th pick when he had previously been projected to go as high as first overall, but certainly within the top 10.


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