TWEET STROLL: Phil Jackson joins da Twitter, tweets jibberish

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson joins Twitter, tweets jibberish

A verified Twitter account surfaced today for famed basketball coach Phil Jackson.

Ms. Jeanie Buss, his fiance and EVP of Business Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, broke the news with the following tweet…

Jackson’s first tweet was less exciting, though.

What the..?

His Twitter bio reads “Coach and Author.”   Fair enough.  Everyone knows who he is and what he has accomplished.  The accompanying link to his recently released memoir, “Eleven Rings, The Soul of Success” raises an eyebrow, though.

Who knew Phil was a shameless plugger?

Let me find out PJax joined Twitter JUST to sell some books.

If he wants folks to buy it, he should tweet a few juicy excerpts or share a photo of himself getting a tattoo of Jeanie on his chest.

Follow @PhilJackson11 if you want some Zen in your life.


  1. don

    Classic Phil Jackson, if I must say so myself. I had no idea he wrote another book. I read The Last Season book about two years ago and since it was pretty good, I’m inclined to purchase the latest effort.

    “Who knew Phil was a shameless plugger?”

    Exactly. Lol. I will say this: Phil and Kobe’s Twitter interaction will be worth the price of admission.

    1. The R

      I would b overjoyed if Kobe and Phil shared some good-hearted banter on Twitter.

      I will likely get the book also.

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