POSTER CHILD: DeAndre Jordan dunks real hard on Brandon Knight

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan dunks on Brandon Knight, lays him out to rest

DeAndre Jordan, of Los Angeles Clippers fame, put an exclamation point on his season by dunking (slam dunking, to be exact) on Detroit Pistons guard, Brandon Knight.

It was the kind of situation players fear most — the posterization.

This one is instantly legendary, though.

Take a look for yourself…

Poor Brandon was flat on his back. Chris Paul looked down at him like, “damn, homie.” The crowd was stunned. Jordan’s teammates hopped up off the bench and Twitter went berserk.

That was so nasty that I think a new term should be created for it.

Any suggestions? Hit me in the comments section.


  1. don

    Nasty dunk. I do give Knight all the props in the world for at least contesting the lob pass, even if the outcome was unfavorable. Also, Knight’s tweet was hilarious where he joked that the scouting report never said anything about the Clippers throwing lob passes.

    “Brandon Knight-ed” is an accurate term for this dunk.

  2. TheLadyGM

    You’re right, Don. Brandon Knight displayed a great attitude about the dunk. Good for him to take it in stride…..

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