Gabby Douglas one of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2012

Gabby Douglas Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People 2012

Gabby Douglas selected as one of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2012

By now, we all know the story of how Gabby Douglas left her mother and siblings in her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia to live with the Parton family in Des Moines, Iowa in order to train with famed coach, Liang Chow.

That family sacrifice lead Gabby all the way to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where she won all-around and team gold for the United States.

Barbara Walters is correct in naming Gabby as one the most fascinating people of 2012. Gabby was arguably the darling of the 2012 Olympic games and won the hearts of many by demonstration of her sheer will and winning spirit.

As Gabby sat down to speak with Barbara about her journey, and the lengths her mom went to to ensure she could continue to hone her craft it echoed of the familiar story of single moms everywhere.

Gabby’s mother, Natalie, joined the interview and spoke of how difficult a decision it was to allow Gabby to go, but she also said it was “all worth it.”

Barbara also asked Gabby about her dad and whether or not she had a relationship with him, to which Gabby replied, ‘No.”

Even though Gabby’s dad surfaced during the Olympics, Gabby told Barbara that it was “too late.”

Watch the full interview below…

Gabby, you are indeed AWESOME!

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