Open letter to Jason Kidd from father who lost daughter due to drunk driver

A disappointed fan and father, who lost his daughter in 2009 in an accident caused by a drunk driver, penned an open letter to Jason Kidd.

Lenny Rosado expressed to Kidd that the New York Knicks guard was “lucky to be alive” and that it would be in his “best interest to apologize” to people who have been affected by the actions of a drunk driver.

Via the New York Daily News, here is an excerpt from the letter:

    You are a very lucky man to be alive. Others are lucky that you were not anywhere near them. You could have hurt or killed someone’s child, brother, sister, mother, father or grandparent.
    As a so-called role model to many young kids and young adults who enjoy watching you play, this has really put a dark cloud on my perception of you.
    Jason, I was a great role model to my only child. My daughter Leandra’s short life came to an end because another irresponsible, reckless parent drove drunk and crashed a car filled with seven young girls.
    My daughter was thrown out of the car and died.
    I think it would be in your best interest to apologize to those of us who have had loved ones die because of individuals like you who drove drunk.

I am not surprised that this letter surfaced. It lends more of a human aspect to Kidd’s actions and reminds of the frailty of life, as well as the true consequences of intoxicated driving.

I do wonder, though, why our public figures, especially our sports stars are generally held to a god-like status, then looked upon with disdain and as a failure when they are proven to be as mortal as the rest of us.

Jason Kidd expressed regret of his unfortunate DWI incident, but the words “I’m sorry” have not publicly left his lips.

It might be nice if he and Mr. Rosado can meet someday; Rosado can tell Kidd more about Leandra’s Law, the Child Passenger Protection Act passed in his daughter’s honor. And, if Kidd does issue an apology, in private, to Mr. Rosado, wouldn’t that be okay?

Kidd does not owe us his soul.



  1. Maria

    I think Jason has since apologized for his reckless actions. I too lose respect for people that drive drunk. Kidd is no teen or child and he should know he has to be more responsible than that. From the looks of the car he was driving he’s lucky he wasn’t badly hurt. Thank goodness he didn’t hit anyone. The people with him that were called his friends should also be ashamed of themselves for allowing him to drive after he had to be carried out of the club. What was on their minds or were they also too drunk?

    1. Rob

      Awesome perspective, Maria! I especially agree that Kidd’s “friends” should have exercised better judgement than to allow him to drive away from that party.

      Thanks for the comment!

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