OJ Murdock thanked journalist via text before committing suicide

OJ Murdock

OJ Murdock, Tennessee Titans player, takes his own life

Monday, Tennessee Titans wide receiver OJ Murdock was found in his vehicle in Tampa, Florida by a local police officer, parked outside the high school with an injury from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sadly, Murdock later died at Tampa General Hospital.

Tuesday, it was reported that Murdock sent a text message of gratitude to a sports writer obviously had great impact on Murdock and his family.

Reportedly, he also sent a message to one of his former high school coaches.

Murdock spent his entire 2011 NFL season on injured reserve, and never reported to camp last week.

Blessings and prayers to all who loved him.



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  1. Gregory Vinson


    It’s always sad when we lose someone in the Titan Family, but this is much, much bigger than that. Self inflicted death carries a high moral value and can be devastating to loved ones who are left behind.

    Stress, mental anguish, and bearing the weight of intense responsibilities and expectations can make anyone feel empty. Look at your loved ones and listen to them when they speak, whether it is verbal or by body language.

    We will miss you.

    Love and condolences to the Murdock family and friends.

    1. Rob

      Well said, Gregory.

  2. CS360

    This is a tragic thing to see a yound player with a bright future ahead of him. To do this something must have really been wrong somewhere. It is a shame he couldn’t reach out to someone for help before it came to this…

    1. Rob

      Welcome, Cleveland Sports 360!

      I wish he could have reached out to someone sooner, also. But, perhaps he did and the signals were missed? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives that we are not as tuned in to loved ones, friends, or colleagues as we could be. It’s tough.

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