Jenny McCarthy officially lays claim to Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher

jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy dating NFL player Brian Urlacher

Lay it to rest. Jenny McCarthy and Brian Urlacher are indeed dating.

While attending a charity event recently in Chicago, the actress, who is a windy city native, was asked to substantiate the rumors that she and the famous Chicago Bears linebacker were an item, and she said yes.


View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

The charity event was a benefit for Generation Rescue, a not-for-profit which supports families affected by autism. McCarthy’s 10 year-old son, Evan, was diagnosed as autistic and she has since become a staunch autism advocate.


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  1. Jmitchpen1013

    Not a Bear fan but I have always admired Urlacher’s play. Landing the ever so hot Jenny McCarthy only adds to this admiration.

    1. TheLadyGM

      I’m sure Chicagoans will enjoy seeing her at Soldier Field this season

      1. ChiefLaughsAtSheep

         Better Jenny McCarthy in Urlacher’s press box than Paris Hilton.

  2. fdf1212

    Great, getting a sluttttttttttttttt who has probably been with a thousand guys, women, and is trash with fake boobs. Been there, done that. As soon as my girl decided to go Playboy and wanted to enlarge the 36DDs, I said, bye, bye, I shall now look for a virgin…

    1. Greengo

      Good luck with that……

    2. greengo

      I’d do her….

  3. Eagle Eye1

    Hey Brian you better have a lot of money because Jenny McCarthy is going to go through it. She broke, she’s a nobody in Hollywood. She needs money to support her and her son. Your playing days are numbered once the money is gone she’s gone. She’s from Chicag. Let me give you some advice drop the women like a bad dream and run as fast as you can to get away from her. She’s pulling a Kimmy K going after sports guys who have a lot of money. Jenny McCarthy’s days have come and gone. Like I said run and run as fast as you can.

  4. Baneinception

    women only complicate situations. wasn’t she in a long relationship with jim carrey? 
    urlacher has been a great player for a long time but yes folks…. he is a neanderthal and will undoubtedly go off and be taken advantage of by this once promising starlet. But then again he did just go through paris hilton at one time… i guess he didn’t enjoy a night in paris too much.

  5. Vikingblitz

    i have lost all respect for urSlacher

  6. Phludge

    Who the “F” are you people to tell these 2 people who they can and can’t date.  If he wants her, let him have her. If she wants him, let her have him. Just live and let live, man.

  7. Todd Tomasella

    I really wonder how WE can be so very judgmental, delving ever so boldly into the lives of others when WE OURSELVES have so many things in OUR OWN LIVES that need help, beginning with OUR OWN utter need for divine mercy. “Judge not that ye be not judged.” (Mat. 7:1-5)  safeguardyoursoul.com

  8. ChiefLaughsAtSheep

    Brian Urlacher can do whatever the hell he wants.

  9. Humanplaystation

    When hasn’t a beautiful woman taken advantage of her looks to attract money. No wait i digress she loves him for his concussions 😀

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