Congressman Manny Pacquiao is selling Hennessy?

Is it Manny Pacquiao the boxer or Congressman Manny Pacquiao who is pitching “the yack?’

French cognac house, Hennessy, enlisted the prized fighter turned politician to promote their brand.

Watch the commercial after you advance the ball…

I suppose this mix of politics and sport is socially acceptable in The Philippines, but I just can’t see it flying a straight line in the States.

Yes, there are former American athletes who have transitioned to a career in politics, but no current athletes are pulling double duty legislating on behalf of their constituents.

Would that even be allowed in the U.S. of A?

Honestly, I don’t wanna see Pacquiao selling liquor, I just want to see him fight Floyd Mayweather. Make THAT commercial.

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