LeBron James enlists SapientNitro to enhance his digital brand

LeBron James is one of the most beloved, yet reviled athletes in sports history. No one will ever forget “The Decision.” The only way that broadcast will ever take a back seat within his legacy is if he wins an NBA Championship. Real talk.

James and his reps are obviously aware of the stain on his reputation. Who isn’t?

Enter SapientNitro, a company speacializing in digital brand marketing. While James is quite active already on Facebook and Twitter, he was savvy enough to hire them to increase and improve his social media and web presence.

I’m blessed with the best fans on the planet and love engaging with them directly,” Mr. James said in a statement. “Every day, new technologies come out that allow me to take that fan connection to another level. In SapientNitro, I found a partner that has the brand thinking, creative ideas, digital expertise and global delivery scale to support my expanding ambitions.

Kudos, LBJ.


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  1. Eli85

    keep up the good work. if ur ever in memphis, stop by A-1 car care on Winchester Rd. #901-366-1112. ask for eli.   ur the best player of all time.

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