Ndamukong Suh and His Delusion Could Ruin His Career

Ndamukong Suh reminds me of the bad kid in school who never wants to own up to his/her misdeeds. The bad kid will pop you upside the head, then turn around and smile angelically at the teacher.

Oh, please.

Suh’s behavior during Thursday’s Lions-Packers game was loathsome…

Um, hello????? It was Thanksgiving. Families were definitely watching. For goodness sake, the President was probably watching and here he is acting a fool for the world to see.

Even worse, his post-game presser was embarrassing. Who is he trying to convince of his naiveté and innocence? Himself? How arrogant is he to speak of his “true fans?” By the way, who are they?

The “dirty player” label is stuck to this dude like glue now. There is no turning back.

He has become a villain in the eyes of players on other teams, and he runs the risk of alienating his teammates. All that talent means nothing when you become a nuisance.

I don’t care how “cool” he says he is with Commissioner Goodell, all of that will be out the window when the hammer comes down behind his recent antics. He could have really hurt Evan Dietrich-Smith.

Although it would not have been right, I wouldn’t have been the least bit phased if Deitrich-Smith had gotten up and whupped his a**.

Some may look at Suh as a living, breathing ode to the smash mouth players of football days past, but he takes it too far. His dirt and grime sticks out like a sore thumb and no one is going to come to his defense.

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